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If you are reading this page I invite you to contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation and assessment of what form of therapy would best suit your needs.  Having over 30 years experience as a licensed Clinical Psychodynamic Psychotherapist I have worked with a broad range of issues and offer individual, couple and family therapy. I assure you of complete confidentiality and a safe container to discern your healing journey. 


Each person is engaged in a unique journey through life, in search of his or her own meaning and purpose.  Life consists of numerous challenges some of which leave people feeling distressed and unable to cope. Therapy is about addressing these difficulties and working towards meaningful change.  Entering into a psychotherapeutic relationship primarily involves gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of oneself.  This process can take place for an individual, a couple or family.

The relationship with the therapist offers a facilitative and confidential environment, where someone seeking help is able to explore his or her internal struggles and real life situations.  This process can enable a person to discover inner resources and build the strength to make meaningful choices and live a more satisfying life.

To contact Kirsten Cropp: / 615 202-6508 /

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